Platinum Corporation FZE

Agri Business

For ages, agriculture has made countries prosperous across the world. With its unlimited potential for growth, fertile land, abundance of water and suitable climatic conditions, Africa is on a path for inevitable prosperity through agriculture in the coming years.

Platinum believes that Africa will drive future growth for multinational businesses and agribusiness with play a major role in such a process.

Accordingly in agribusiness, Platinum has played a pioneering role in promoting projects that leads to better utilization of local resources and foster food sufficiency.

Platinum is undertaking a backward integration program in its key sub Saharan markets, leveraging on the vast distribution infrastructure of the group for instance in rice, to develop rice milling units at strategic locations. The group’s current capacities are unmatched in the region and are growing in strength.

The group also intends to engage in corporate farming, deploying the most recent technologies that optimize productivity in agriculture.