Platinum Corporation FZE


Over the years, the group has promoted manufacturing facilities for driving future growth of the product lines through effective utilization of indigenous resources in the respective markets.

In doing so the group has deployed world-class production technologies and equipment, often in collaboration with leading international companies and at the same time training local human resources to international benchmarks.

Platinum’s approach aligns well with the aspirations and policies of the regional governments to promote self-sufficiency and reduce dependence on imports.

A majority of the group’s manufacturing is based in sub Saharan Africa, which boasts a population of 250 million and abundance of natural resources.

Platinum’s industrial operations include :

  • Steel Manufacturing | production of steel products
  • Rice Milling | large scale milling of rice and their packaging
  • Plastics | Production of industrial & domestic plastic products
  • Motorcycle assembly | Assembly and distribution of motorcycles
  • Polypropylene Packaging | Manufacture of bags for commodity packaging
  • Flexible Packaging | Production of packaging media
  • Vehicle assembly | Assembly of Cars, Buses, Pickups & Trucks